Adrienne Steele

Romance like Coffee

Progress Was Made!

A blurb for your entertainment.

I’m excited for how much progress I’ve made over the holiday break (I got a week off from work) on Chosen. I probably should have used some of the time to get other shit in order, but that didn’t happen… so…

Oh well.

But I’m almost done with Part 4, and only have Part 5 to go. I should leave it alone since I sent it to my alpha AND beta readers… but after I post this I will be diving back in to complete more of it.

I just want to get it done and released.

Which is problematic sometimes because I shelve other things when I focus like this — things that shouldn’t be shelved. So I need to make sure I’m also taking care of myself, and my family. My cats, the house, and pretty soon, my job again.

Le sigh.