Adrienne Steele

Romance like Coffee

#Writersreview2022 – February

What other theme could I choose this month besides Book Boyfriends!?


So… I have to say the first MMC that really caught my attention was Harry Braxton – an illiterate scoundrel so wrapped around Desdemona’s fingers it was… delicious.

I think Connie Brockway’s books were my gateway to kink. Kind of like the government told us marijuana was to crack.

But for real.

I highly recommend her books, even today: Promise Me Heaven is highly entertaining, and All Through the Night is amazing. In fact, her Royal Agents series has my highest recommendation.

Harry might have diverted me down the winding road to dark romance, but Colonel Jack Seward… damaged, betrayed, sexy AF Jack had me running further down the path.

The use of furniture in that book. Holy Christ on a chair-shaped cracker.