Adrienne Steele

Romance like Coffee


So freaking done

This whole website-newsletter-novella thing is DONE!


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I’m a little nervous throwing my stories out into the wild… what if people aren’t nice to them?! But I’m also a very pragmatic person, so I’m just glad this is underway. And even if people think they suck, I’m going to keep writing them – if they’re an ugly baby, they’re my ugly baby.

But I also think my alpha reader, Sam, would be upset if I didn’t keep on. Thank her if you like Sabine; writing Inti and Menewa’s ‘meet-cute’ with Sabine as the intro to my world was her demand idea.

Now that all that’s done, I can get back to writing! And I’ve got SO many ideas!

Book 2- titled Chosen – is a lot of fun to write and I’m super excited for when people read Becoming and are (hopefully) looking forward to Chosen coming out.