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Formatting Hell

Formatting Hell

Started formatting Becoming for upload into Amazon.


It’s a good thing I don’t mind formatting… and thank god I am already so familiar with Word. I cannot imagine the drama if I had to learn all of that, too.

So it looks great, all formatted and tidy.

No weird extra pages, a read-able font.

Me, unhappy with my cover.

But I need a new cover. I’m looking at all these new releases on IG, and they look so pretty! So dramatic and different. Mine’s man-titty… and now I hate it.

Honestly… I never really liked it. It was the final version I could live with. But I don’t want to live with it! I want a cover that makes people want to read the book! Artistic and fancy.


I’ve reached out to a different artist to design a NEW cover for Becoming, and for Chosen at the same time (why not, it’s just money). But I’m not sure she’ll have time to complete it and I do NOT want the current cover on my paperback release.

We’ll see what happens, I guess.