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Facebook Group – Adrienne’s Chosen Connection

Facebook Group – Adrienne’s Chosen Connection

So I have a Facebook group now, which is exciting.

‘Adrienne’s Chosen Connection’ – which… isn’t super creative, but I’m hitting my limit for creative tech stuff. My husband likes it, though, so there’s that. ?

I’m not a super big Facebook user.


Anyway – I’m not on it a lot because I’ve found time moves faster on FB, and the free 15 minutes I had is past, along with another hour of time I did not have free.

– You might notice that time management seems to be a big thing for me.

It is. It’s a big thing. I talk to my therapist about it. –

So… I’m not on it a lot. But now that I have my own page to interact with people who are as excited about my stories as I am, I’ll be on it more often. WOO!

Spending time of FB with purpose! Intent!

I am all over that.

So join my group! Facebook with me! Intently!