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Boom: A Post

There’s so much more to being an author than writing.

It’s a little overwhelming. But you gotta do what you gotta do.

So I have an Instagram now:

So that’s done!

AND I’m posting.

I’ve never been anti-social media… I just don’t have a lot of time for extra stuff, and I’m jealous of the time I have.

Between my family and work, self care for work and family stress (read: mani/pedis, happy hours and brunches), and writing… there’s not a lot of time left.

Another Post!

So I have to be mindful of what I spend that time on – intentional about structuring my days and weekends.

That being said… Instagram is pretty cool.

The author community is nice, and somehow IG has decided I need to see so-called “thirst traps” (mainly of the K-Pop-esque variety, which is odd, but I’m down), anime (hilariously, of the “thirst-trap” variety; but anime is whole other investment of time I can’t afford, although I wish I could!), and cats.

I have noticed, though, that IG is following the 80/20 Rule, and so my feed is about 80% cats.

Which I’m good with.

The rest is nice, but the cat posts and Reels make me laugh, and I can share them with my husband! ?